Welcome to Stafford County Building Permits and Planning Inspection Requests and Plan Reviews Integrated Web Response System (IWR). This service is provided to our customers in addition to using our Interactive Voice Response (HELLO) System or visiting the Building Permits or Department of Planning and Zoning. For contact information please access the individual departments Web sites below.
In order to use this system you will need the A/P number of the Permitting or Planning Application.
Building Permits Inspections for the following day must be scheduled prior to 11:00 PM. If you want to cancel an inspection for a specific day you must cancel prior to 6:00 AM.
Inspections- To schedule inspections, cancel inspections or obtain inspection results
Reviews - To obtain Plan Review Status
Fees- Fees required for Permit.
Planning and Zoning
Reviews- To obtain Plan Review Status.
Public Hearing Dates- Technical Review Committee (TRC),
  Board of Supervisors', or
  Planning Commission's scheduled
  hearing date for project.
TRC Dates - Technical Review Committee scheduled meeting dates.